Hands in Black and White

It's been said that a person's eyes are the window to their soul. Their character however, can often be revealed in their hands. The soldier pictured here is bandaged, dirty, and tattered. Yet, he dutifully holds his rifle, ready to take on whatever challenges lie ahead. Effective portraits can be made without showing a person's face.

Taking it One Step Further

Although I've photographed the Brooklyn Bridge many times, it's hard to tire of a scene so spectacular. The skyline is always evolving, and the newly completed World Trade building was certainly a welcome addition. In order to create something different, I laid the camera directly on the wet rocks and placed the cap beneath the lens. No tripod needed. Using manual focus and live view, I made sure the bridge and buildings would be sharp. With almost no light left to work with, a 20 second exposure was necessary. After pressing the shutter, I guarded the camera to protect it from foot traffic. Thankfully, no boats passed, as they create large enough waves to ruin photography gear in a hurry. The shot is unique from my past captures. It symbolizes the spirit in which I like to photograph. I want to be free from the constraints of rules and boundaries. Always pushing things a little bit further, searching for the unseen angle. 

Long Island Sound in Black and White

The potential for black and white imagery is all around us. It can be used to evoke various moods. When I found these three boulders on the North Shore of Long Island, I placed them in the lower third, emphasizing the sky, and introducing a feeling of solitude. 


Thoughts on Mirrorless Cameras

Who wouldn't love a smaller camera? They are light, will fit in a pocket, and most sport a cool retro look. And so begins the mirrorless camera debate...

Of course it's not all so clear cut. Photographers are on both sides of the fence, and I'm somewhere in the middle.

To gauge the reaction industry wide, Alien Skin asked a bunch of their photographer friends to share their thoughts about adopting a mirrorless rig as their main camera. Here's the full piece including my comments.


The Colors of Summer

The perennial Daylily is blooming in yards and gardens everywhere, making for great flower photography opportunities. I found this one in Central Park, and used a 100mm macro lens with a wide aperture of f2.8. The super shallow depth of field works to emphasize the warm colors of the Lily

BELOW: Brilliant carnations form a colorful canopy at the Planting Fields Arboretum. This was also photographed with the 100mm lens, but I opted to show more environment. 

Happy Fourth of July!

The American flag is a powerful symbol that can also be visually stunning, especially when backlit by the sun. In reviewing my mobile photo journal on Instagram, I've included it in many compositions over the last few months. Here is a festive Triptych to celebrate Independence Day. 


In case you missed it, here are some tips to help you create unique photos of Fireworks.

Be safe and have a great holiday weekend!

Finding Hidden Beauty

The mark of a true artist lies in their ability to make something out of nothing. This of course, isn't always possible when we begin our photographic endeavors. Over time however, one can develop and strengthen their photographic eye. A new level of opportunity is available to those who learn to slow down and really see. Using this skill, you'll find the hidden beauty that most everyone else passes by.


A New York Moment on 59th Street

I was photographing the sunburst coming through the globe at 59th street in Columbus Circle with a 100mm Canon macro lens. The brilliant patterns on the shiny surface are reflections from the surrounding area. Pleased with the results, I took many frames, each with a slightly different composition. 


After about 10 shots, I looked away for a moment to check the results in the LCD screen. Just then, none other than Rod Stewart walked by. At first I wasn't sure, but that hair is an absolute giveaway. It hasn't changed in 20+ years! I enjoy his music, but clearly this was no time for making a fuss. In Manhattan, celebrity sightings are not a big deal, right? I took a quick record shot, and headed on my way.