Ancient Lost Cities of the Mediterranean

I sailed aboard a 100 passenger ship on a memorable journey to many of the most wonderful sites in the Mediterranean. Unlike many of today’s mega-cruise ships, a smaller vessel allows travelers to reach beyond the mainstream and get off the beaten path.

This voyage included Erice in Sicily where we explored a perfectly preserved medieval town built on a promontory. Just south of Sicily was Valletta, the capital of Malta and one of the most enchanting towns in all of Europe. In the remote northwest corner of Greece, there was a rare visit to the quaint lakeside town of Ioannina and evocative ancient site of Dodoni. I wandered the streets of Albania, a unique city that, according to legend, was founded by settlers from Troy. From there, it was off to the labyrinth of streets in Montenegro. Other explorations included Spain, and the steep limestone cliffs of Bonifacio in Corsica, France.

…the transformative photographer embarks upon an intuitive, insightful path which opens into an innate understanding of how marvelously grand everything is…whether small or big, micro- or macrocosmic, minute or immense…it is all blow-your-mind incredible, in the sense that the «all of it» is simply awesome.
— Simhananda