You'll find me camped at an airshow each and every Memorial Day. No matter how many times I photograph these high flying performances, the power and precision of the pilots never fails to amaze me. From the old warbirds of WWII to the modern marvels of engineering, I have a passion for aviation. While the majority of this type of photography is done with longer lenses, I find that wide angle lenses are also useful for flight teams spread out in wide formations.

Perhaps my best known capture came at an airshow over Jones Beach in New York. It's an F18 jet surrounded by a rare Prandtl Glauert Singularity (vapor cloud). This fleeting moment was soon after published by National Geographic. I do this type of work not for the accolades however, but because I love to watch what we as humans are capable of achieving with practice and determination.

Does it interest the eye, excite the brain, move the mind to reflection, and involve the heart?
— Julian Barnes