10 Ways to Improve Your Photography in 2014


After reading George Washington's 110 ideas for building character, I thought about the guidelines that I've used to maintain my own photography career. As you'll see, none of them are really technical, but rather focus on developing and maintaining a positive mindset. I'm sharing them here, in hopes some of concepts will help others achieve their own creative goals.  

  1. Never compare yourself negatively with the photos you see in magazines or on the internet. Instead, focus your energies on creating your best work, and making it original.
  2. Accept not jobs solely for the money, but agree to those only that are artistically stimulating, or provide an opportunity for creative growth. 
  3. Avoid categorizing yourself with labels, or engaging in debates that seek to define terms such as "professional" and "amateur". A good photographer is not concerned with these phrases, but rather focuses on being a good photographer. 
  4. Do not profess to have all the answers, as those with true knowledge understand there is always more to learn.
  5. Put fear and uncertainty in its proper place by facing issues head on, and studying to overcome said obstacles. Rarely is the path to success found along the unobstructed road. 
  6. Act not in haste, but with thoughtful deliberation, never quick to draw conclusions or join pessimistic company whether online or in person. 
  7. Take all constructive criticism thankfully, as it holds greater value than superfluous compliments
  8. Recognize that shortcuts will only cause you to miss important mile markers, ultimately postponing your arrival at the desired destination. 
  9. When overcome with nervous anticipation about an assignment, the only remedy is to prepare for every possible scenario that could go wrong, and formulate solutions for each.
  10. Starve the habits you want to break, and feed the goals you want to make.
Chris Corradino