Pumpkin Picking

On eastern Long Island, about an hour away from my apartment, there are many acres of beautiful farmland. My wife and I went to "Lewins Farms" in Wading River. For $25 you get a person sized sack, and stuff it with as many pumpkins as you can carry. We picked big, medium and small pumpkins, plus some very unique looking gourds. Carrying the incredibly heavy sack to the outdoor cash register was harder than I expected. I think the farmer could see we were struggling, and gave us the whole sack for $20. Although we now have about a dozen or so pumpkins, they will all be put to good use. First as decoration, and then for seeds, and whatever else we can make out of them (pies?). And while I'm pretty sure that you can't eat the gourds, their odd shapes may make for an interesting still life subject in the very near future.

ChrisLong Island