Dahlia with Raindrops, Shot in "Live View"

Using "Live View" is an excellent way to micro focus on macro subjects. What is "micro focusing"? Think of it as a way to control your focus like never before. Do you want to focus on the insects entire head, or just it's left eye?

In Live View, you can see your subject in the LCD screen similar to the way a point and shoot camera works. But it gets better....It gives you the ability to zoom in on your LCD screen with 10x magnification. While looking at this magnified image, you are able to manually focus with incredible precision. If you are interested in tiny creatures, small details, or flowers, try this out for yourself. Just be sure that your camera is on a tripod.

There are a few other excellent uses for Live View, particularly if you are shooting with a remote camera, and don't have a right angle viewfinder. I'll talk about that in an upcoming post.

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