Long Island Fisherman

A storm rolled into Long Island on Saturday so I headed over to Jones Beach at sunrise to check out the waves, and maybe photograph a few birds. There were a few fishermen out there, trying their luck in the waters of the choppy Atlantic Ocean. While I watched them, I realized that fishermen and photographers are actually alot alike. We are both out of bed well before dawn, braving the elements with no guarantees, but only the hope of catching something. We likely both know people who don't understand our rationale, and ask "Don't you ever just want to sleep in?" On a good day, we will both have stories to tell. Mine with words and images, and his, over a fish dinner. Yet, I'd like to think that even the days when we come home empty handed, it was still time well spent. After all, we are both enjoying the great outdoors, doing what we love.


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