The North Shore

Perhaps one of my favorite places on Long Island is Caumsett State Park. It's a nice 45 minute drive from my apartment. Plenty of time to listen to a good album, think, and enjoy the beautiful old trees that line the roads. Once at the park, the smell of the leaves, and the quiet nature of the trail has an amazing calming effect on me.

First, I was greeted by this festive fall display near the entrance.

Then I watched this squirrel searching through the leaves for food. Perhaps it is preparing for winter.

I followed a narrow path up to several wet boulders. With colorful leaves everywhere, it's easy to be overwhelmed, and create a busy composition. Yet, I got to thinking about photographer Eliot Porter, and his amazing, and purposely subtle nature scenes. At first glance, it's easy to miss the genius in Porter's work. Yet, a closer study will reveal the understated way in which he captured things.

As the mist turned into a drizzle, I made this last frame and started the 2 mile walk back to the car.

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