At Close Range, Photography DVD

I've already told you about my fascination with Bob Ross and his "magic mountains". Yet, I've never mentioned "Reading Rainbow" on this blog before. Anyone who grew up in the 80's and watched PBS will surely remember this classic theme music. Where is this all going you ask? Well, in every episode a child would give a mini book report about something they just read. And while I just finished Kerouac's "On the Road" for the second time, I have no plans on dissecting that for you here. Rather, I wanted to tell you about an excellent photography DVD I recently watched on Netflix. It's a rather revealing behind the scenes look at National Geographic photographer, Joel Sartore. The film takes you behind closed doors at Nat Geo headquarters in DC as the editors make their way through his slides, and discuss their method to laying out a story for the magazine through images. This is valuable insight straight from some of the top editors in the world. You'll also get a close look at Joel in action on some dangerous assignments. As much as he loves shooting, he openly admits that working for National Geographic is not as glamorous as everyone assumes. To prove his point he details his nearly fatal disease caused by a rare bug bite during a long assignment in the jungle. He also discusses the strain that his career and extensive travel have had on his marriage, and family life. Despite these difficulties, Joel remains passionate about his work. There are also some humorous aspects to the film, like the editors saying "Well, if you shot this better we wouldn't be having this discussion", and my personal favorite, "that's not an artistic statement, that's just blurry". Whether you have aspirations to shoot for National Geographic, or are simply passionate about photography, check this DVD out.


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