The Snowy Owl at Jones Beach, Day Two

My wife and I went down to Jones Beach to see if the Snowy Owl would still be there. Sure enough, we found him near some dunes with a beautiful backdrop of the ocean. The sun had just come up to provide nice warm sidelighting. We kept a good distance so we wouldn't disturb him. I was using my 400mm lens with a 580EXII flash dialed down to -1. Normally when shooting wildlife I use a fast aperture, but I decided on f22 to hold more detail in the ocean. That turned out to be a good decision. Just as I got setup, a wave crashed into the rocks beyond, and created a wall of sea spray, making for a unique moment.

This Snowy Owl has turned the west end of Jones Beach into a real hot spot for both birders and photographers alike. I've never seen so many Swarovski's before. Someone mentioned that there are at least 2 or 3 others Snowys, but so far I've only seen this one.

Many Snowy Owls breed in Barrow Alaska. A great deal of research is being done to learn more about them here. I also found this article about why the Owls may be forced to migrate south to Long Island earlier than usual.

Besides the Snowy Owl, we also saw a Long Tailed Duck, which is a new bird for us. There has also been a Loon sighting, but we did not see it.