Portable Hard Drive Surprise

I took two 20GB portable hard drives with me to Costa Rica in August. Since then I've gone through most, if not all of the 5000 plus images. Yet, I must have passed over this Pelican shot quickly, and never processed it until today. Maybe it's the weather here in NY that has me looking at this image with different eyes. With temperatures in the 30's (with snow), the warm blue waters of the Osa Peninsula sure look appealing right about now. I actually spoke to the owner of the Eco-friendly lodge we stayed at about what their business is like during the holidays. She said it is one of their busiest times! She went on to mention that many people just want to get away from all the holiday madness, and for that reason, the lodge doesn't decorate for Christmas. They just have a "special" buffet on Christmas Day, and a big party on New Year's Eve. Ahh, yes...nothing like a Long Island Iced Tea, in Costa Rica. I think I'll take one more look through those files again. I have all winter to do it.