Fill Flash Practice

Rather than spending $420 on the Canon 580EXII flash, I opted to pick up a new Vivitar 285HV from B&H for $90. It's very powerful, and can be used for a wide variety of situations including nature photography. In this example, the Heron on the bottom has more detail in the feathers, and a bit of a catchlight in the eyes. It is far more pleasing than the image on top, in which no flash was used. The new Vivitar 285HV is safe for today's digital cameras, unlike the older 285's which can fry the circuitry. With so many "smart" gadgets today which claim to think for you, I prefer the mostly manual Vivitar, as it allows me to decide on the settings most conducive to the scene. After saving over $300, I picked up a few gels, and a 10 foot off camera sync cord. More about that in an upcoming post.