I've Landed!

I'm finally back home after 18 hours of travel! The trip was quite an amazing adventure, and I will post images over the next several days. It took seven transfers to go from a remote peninsula in Costa Rica, to my apartment in NY.

1) An off road 4x4 jeep
2) A boat
3) A van
4) A very small plane
5) A "taxi"
6) A Jetliner
7) A Sedan

These images are from the small and scary "Sansa" flight. The rain was so ferocious that you could not see out of the windshield (notice the dark storm clouds). The pilots flew by instruments alone, and did a wonderful job. However, a plane this small is quite a bumpy ride. In fact, on the way home one person vomited, and another nearly passed out! I held a tight grip on the seat in front of me which ironically enough belonged to a young girl calmly reading a book.