Great Photography DVD Recommendations (Part 1)

There are many helpful photography DVD’s on the market today. Yet, I found these three to not only be informative, but inspirational as well. In fact, I’ve watched some of them twice. I’ve included the description of each film from along with a link. Grab your popcorn camera, and prepare to be inspired.

1) Chased by the Light, by Jim Brandenburg:

An evocative 60 minute documentary which tells the story of how one of the world's greatest nature photographers immersed himself in a Zen-like exploration of his craft and the untamed landscape of the rugged north woods of Minnesota.

For 90 days Brandenburg took only a single picture each day - one click of the shutter. The stunning images resulted in a National Geographic cover story as well as the best selling book by the same name.

The documentary travels with Jim to revisit many of the locations of the most memorable photographs in the project. On-camera, Jim reveals the stories behind the decisions to press the shutter at particular moments.

The hour long Emmy Award nominated documentary has played on PBS stations throughout the country. The DVD contains extra features including a slide show of the images from Brandenburg's latest book "Looking for the Summer", a slide show of outtakes from his latest book narrated by Brandenburg and a musical video performance by Michael Monroe, the composer of the soundtrack.

2) Half Past Autumn - The Life and Works of Gordon Parks:

A true twentieth century Renaissance man, Gordon Parks is one of the most prolific and diverse artists in America today. A preeminent photographer, poet, novelist, composer and filmmaker, Parks' artistic vision knows no boundaries. This candid portrait of the artist is a journey through the watershed moments on America's social history, punctuated by Parks' seminal works and his unique ability to follow his instincts to the most fascinating and challenging places in the world.

3) American Photography: A Century of Images:

This is a remarkably complete, high-caliber PBS presentation of who Americans were and are, using 20th-century images that capture everything from the everyday to the once-in-a-lifetime. While of course you'll see many photographs, some familiar and some new, you'll also learn about the history of our relationship with photography and the ways pictures are used. See the progression from posed to un-posed photographs and from picture postcards to digitally enhanced photos that show what a missing child might look like today. Learn about the importance of photography for social causes such as abolishing child labor, the civil rights movement in America, and the way we feel about everything from what we buy and how we dress to how we get the news.