Seals at Cupsogue Beach County Park


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I've been working on a project about Seals on Long Island, and needed something panoramic for a slightly different perspective. The temperatures were supposed to be in the low 30's which is much warmer than it's been recently so I jumped on the opportunity to shoot. After figuring out the tide chart I headed out to Westhampton. The key is to go at low tide. Thankfully, my research paid off, and there were 15 Harbor Seals hauled out. One of the younger seals was very playful. It put on a little show as it dove into the ocean, then shimmied back onto the sand as the others looked on. It was one of the most active seals I've ever seen. As is always the case, it was much colder on the beach, and the winds were strong, and bitter. I managed to fire off about 100 shots, and fled back to the car to shake the cold off.