Expo Exhaustion

This was my first time at Photo Plus, and it was crazy, and fun! I interviewed so many nice people about new products and technology, and will do it all again tomorrow. I'll try to post the videos as soon as possible, but there's lots of editing involved. We used the Zoom H2 for sound, and a Flip HD for the video. Our web developer Alex Baker has his work cut out for him since he gets to edit out all my interview goof ups (sorry Alex). Besides all the cool gear, I also ran into so many photographers who I haven't seen in a few years. It was great to see such an awesome turnout.

A funny note about the expo: Food is super expensive, and really bad! In fact a vegetarian dish from the "indian restaurant" with a bottle of water was $17 and the rice was crunchy! Nevertheless, it still felt great to sit and relax for a moment since these shows involve so much walking and talking. I'm not sure how the vendors do it. For example, when we walked into the show at 10am, there were two models sitting on shiny new scooters, smiling and showing off cameras. Six hours later, they were still there, and miraculously still smiling! Meanwhile, I was exhausted, and opted to take the free B&H shuttle back to 9th ave to make my trip home a bit faster.

Below, NYC paramedics load a pedestrian onto a gurney after he was struck by a vehicle on 10th Avenue and 34th street on the morning of October 22, 2009.

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