Fall Foliage, Harriman State Park

Spent a glorious morning hiking over at Harriman State Park on Sunday. The weather was great, and the color was at peak intensity. Sue and I hiked for about 5 miles, and I made a bunch of shots along the way. At the end of the trail we had a chance to bask in the sun on this giant rock overlooking an expansive lake. I used a polarizing filter to cut the glare on the wet rocks which also punches up the saturation a bit. All shots were taken with the 17-40mm, at f22, ISO 100. For the streams and the falls, my shutter was around 2 seconds.

The trail was very well marked, and quite beautiful. I would recommend sturdy hiking boots as the terrain is pretty rocky. I would also suggest getting there very early to catch the good light, and avoid the crowds. Sue and I pulled into the parking lot at 7am, 20 minutes before sunrise. There was only one guy in the parking lot, blasting what sounded like Bocelli. About 5 hours later when we returned to the car, not only was the parking lot filled, but cars were parked on both sides of the road for a good mile or so! I should also note that the bathrooms were closed for the season, and there was no charge to get into the park. From my place in Long Island, the travel time was only about 75 minutes.

Here's a short photography Q&A I put together on location at Harriman: