Photography Questions and Answers - Episode 1 - A New Video Series


I'm pleased to launch a new photography series on my YouTube channel. It's called "Photography Questions and Answers". Basically, Sue asks some excellent questions to get me talking about what's going through my head while I'm shooting. She's listened to me ramble about photography for many years, and knows exactly what kind of questions would be helpful to other photographers. Meanwhile, I'm balancing on wet mossy rocks, shooting, talking, and occasionally using the flip video to show my perspective. Despite my best multitasking efforts, I admit taking a little spill in the water once. We'll save that clip for the DVD outtakes. I know the volume is a bit low, so for episode two I will try to incorporate the Zoom H2 mic into the mix so we can get some better sound for you. Theme song is courtesy Kevin MacLeod. Location was at Harriman State Park in New York. Edited on iMovie and Garageband on an iMac. I would love to hear your input. Your feedback will help shape future episodes. Thanks!

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