Deer, and Fall Color

The forecast called for rain and cloudy skies, so I got up before sunrise and drove to Connetquot River State Park. I only took three lenses: a 100mm macro, 17-40 wide, and 400mm.
I was hoping to see some fall color, and possibly adult male deer. I found most of what I was looking for, except the male deer. I did see a nice group of Does at a distance, and used the 4oomm to grab a few shots. Once they noticed me, I left them alone, and followed the trail through the woods.

I found a few nice quiet scenes and shot them with the wide angle lens. For the closeup shot of the tree trunk, I used "live view" to get down on the ground and micro focus. I chose an aperture of f4 to throw the scattered leaves out of focus. Not one single rain drop fell while I was there.