Video Interviews from the Photo Plus Expo


Here is the first batch of videos we did at the Photo Plus Expo for the New York Institute of Photography. Special thanks to Sam Pardue from LensBaby, Lisa Rodwell from Moo, Josh Fischer from Datacolor, and Arlene Evans from WPPI. As you'll see, one of our goals was to learn about some of the educational programs these companies offer students. I'm happy to report that most have some kind of educational program. In fact, Lensbaby has an especially great plan which provides both students and educators with a 25% discount! Just download this form. I've actually just begun testing my own Lensbaby Composer, and will have much more about that in the near future.


These videos would not be possible without the patient editing skills of Alex Baker. Thanks TK!

More Photo Plus videos will be posted shortly. If you'd like to get notified automatically of new content, subscribe to NYIP's YouTube channel here.




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