My Other Car is a Snow Plow

It's amazing how time moves in New York. Two weeks ago, Bryant Park was the perfect place to lay a blanket and bask in the sun on the big grassy lawn. Here we are in early November and the whole place has been converted into an Ice Skating rink known as "The Pond". I love how festive it is, and make a point of checking it out every year. Today was the Grand Opening Celebration for the 2009 skating season! To kick things off the cast of the Broadway musical "White Christmas" sang a Christmas medley.

Next up were the ice skaters! Above, 2010 Winter Olympics Ice Dance pair, Allison Reed & Otar Japardize pull off an incredible maneuver. Once I had the standard "safe" shots like the one above, I wanted to try some different things. Problem was, it was 1pm, and the light was terrible! Ironically enough, just the other day I read something by the excellent photographer Brad Mangin. It was something along the lines of "when the light is bad, shoot backlit". I've always been a fan of backlighting, but never tried it as a direct response to poor light. Happy to say it worked out very well. The two shots below would not have been possible had the sun been at my back. Thanks Brad!

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