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Do you have important information scattered across a collection of yellow sticky notes and scraps of loose paper? Have you ever jotted down a great idea and ended up washing it in your jeans? I constantly find myself trying to maintain a streamlined solution for my creative, and business ideas. Yet, inspiration strikes unexpectedly, and I inevitably end up with valuable notes on a napkin or business card. I was in desperate need of a new system and did some research. I came across a website called "Evernote", and created a free account. In a few short days it has totally revolutionized the way I keep track of things.

How it works:
You can log into your account from any computer with an Internet connection. First I created a few different "notebooks", setting up areas for client management, photography techniques, inspiration, and more. You can make as many notebooks as you'd like. Anytime you need to remember something, just log in, enter and save it. Of course this would only work if you had access to a computer.

Thankfully, Evernote has created an App for the iPhone, Ipod Touch, and Android. The interface perfectly mirrors the desktop experience. Best of all, they sync automatically! It allows a user to save a note using their phone, and access it later from any computer in the world. This level of versatility sets it apart from any other solution.

In addition to text notes, you can save photos, and voice recordings to your notebooks. They can be geotagged within the program.  You can also share your notes by clicking the email, or print icons.  There are many other features in Evermore which I'm sure I will explore further.  For now, I'm just glad to have all my stuff in one place! 

If you could use a little help staying organized, I encourage you to try this out.  Learn more about how it works here

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