My Experience With Twitter So Far

It seems that everyone is talking about twitter these days. Less than 30 days ago, I decided to try it out for myself. Here is a little recap of my experience so far.

It all started with Yoko Ono. She’s a fellow New York artist, so I decided to follow her on Twitter. The next day she posted a tweet announcing that the “WAR IS OVER” poster would be hanging in Times Square for only a few short days. I immediately got down there with my camera and made some pictures of the sign. Much to my surprise, Yoko started following me! Without her tweet, I would have never known it was there. I was feeling optimistic, and my network was already off to a great start.

Next, I began to follow Olympic gold medalist Shaun White, aka “the Flying Tomato”. Within hours of adding him to my list, I got a tweet from him that said “Coming to NYC for Red Bull Snowboarding Event!” I grabbed my press badge, cameras, and audio recorder, and headed over to the East River Park. I thought to myself "How did I not hear about a giant 90 foot half pipe being built in downtown Manhattan?" Once again, Twitter kept me informed. It turned out to be a spectacular show, and I was able to make a short multimedia presentation about it.

Shortly after, I started making connections with various artists from all over the globe. Soon enough, I became “friends” with painters like Betsy Karasik and Irene Rencsi. More artists followed like Mark Davis in Georgia, Susan Sorrell in South Carolina, and Michelle Basic Hendry in Canada. I even connected with an Alaskan artist, Dianne Roberson Hendrix. Through twitter and blogging, we are continually sharing ideas and projects over the web. The boundaries of distant countries and states seem to be a thing of the past. We are creating a new type of community that promotes creativity, openness, and sharing.

Believe it or not, Twitter has also helped me at my job! As a photography teacher, I’m always looking for fresh ideas, and new topics to keep things interesting for students. The photographers I’ve connected with have provided a steady stream of inspiration via tweets. Whether it be articles I didn’t see, or new product releases, Twitter has helped me to stay on top of everything happening in the industry right now.

Yesterday, I went to a social networking seminar yesterday in NYC. As the discussion went on, I sent live tweets from my phone. Here were the ten biggest points that were made (each in 140 characters or less).

1) It's up to us to figure out how to monetize networking. It's the new economy.

2) Human IP's: if you don't participate you won't survive.

3) Sharing can turn into commerce. Check out work on "Sharism" by Isaac Mao.

4) They plugged "friend feed" & said we are in a constant state of reinvention. Less is more. Gorging on social media is out.

5) You can't start in social media without knowing how to listen.

6) Cloud communities: create a single brand community spread across multiple social networks.

7) Old media advertising is quickly dying. 27% of homes have DVR's and do not even watch commercials.

8) Twitter had a major impact in increasing Dunkin Donuts digital footprint.

9) It’s important to measure your "ROI" to calculate your efforts.

10) In order to be relevant, you have to be useful. Use media to make yourself useful and engage people in conversation.

So as you can see, the first month of using Twitter has been quite productive, and positive. Moving forward, I hope to connect with more creative individuals, art collectors, and friends. If you decide to join in, you can find my twitter page here.

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