Documentary Update

After four busy days of shooting and editing, we have a finished film! However, due to the Doc challenge rules, I can not post any actual clips here at this time. Instead, I am posting a still image which I thought you would find interesting.

It was created using Strobscopic flash. This basically involved shooting in a dark room and setting my Canon 580EXII to "Multi". Next I determined that I wanted the flash to fire three times per second during a three second exposure for a total of nine flashes. During the long exposure I started at 17mm, and then zoomed in to around 40mm at the last split second. It made for some interesting effects as you can see below.

The film is on it's way to the judges. If it is selected to screen at HotDocs, then we are off to Toronto! For now, we'll just have to wait and see.

Many thanks to Ted & Karen, Linda Goldman, and Maya Mumma. It was great working with all of you!

ChrisPhoto Instruction