The New Depression

It seems like everywhere I go there are buzzwords like bailout, credit crunch, recession, etc. My way of dealing with the turbulence is to make photographs, and create a record of how the current economy is affecting our society. If you haven't seen it yet, I would encourage you to watch my multimedia presentation about what is quickly becoming the new depression.

The good news is that artists everywhere are pulling together and forming communities with the help of social media. Last night for example, over 30 NYC photographers got together at the Soho Grand Hotel to meet up with Seattle photographer Chase Jarvis. We discussed business plans, successes, failures, and how to proceed in this climate. This type of supportive network is so valuable.

If you are reading this and have yet to take the plunge into social networking, I encourage you to join me on twitter, or facebook.

Below, a few new pics from Soho.

ChrisNew York City