Just One Week After Earth Day

For one or two short days, there was a great deal of attention paid to Earth Day. With that came a wealth of tips for living green, cleaning up our planet, recycling, etc.

Here we are just one week later, and the media blitz has ended, but the streets are dirtier then ever. While this particular photo is an extreme example of what is happening, I think it brings up a necessary point. Earth Day is a wonderful idea, but only if we can maintain the same level of attention to the issues at hand year round. Instead of waiting for a "Global Day of Action", I think our planet, and it's residents will benefit much more from the small, everyday steps we can all take in our own homes and towns. Jane Goodall said "Every individual matters. Every individual has a role to play. Every individual makes a difference."

As photographers, we have the ability to use our art as a means of communication. I encourage you share what is happening in your community on a blog, a webpage or with your local press. I'd love to read about it. Thanks!

ChrisNew York City