Free to Roam

A few years ago I took this picture on a farm in northern Maine, not far from Baxter State Park. It was wonderful to see this horse on an expansive field with lots of room to roam.
However, I never really let the image out of it's pen. It just stayed in a folder on my hard drive. That is until 2 weeks ago when my painter friend Irene Rencsi posted a request on twitter @irenerencsi. She was looking for a picture of a horse for an upcoming painting. Irene is a fabulous artist who works full time creating commissioned paintings. I was happy to provide the image and even more pleased when she agreed to paint it.

The next step: As time allows, Irene will take photographs of her painting process and send them to me. I will periodically post updates so you can watch the process unfold.


Below is the original photograph.