Bear Cub, Great Smokies

I just started going through over 1000 images from the Smokies and wanted to post a quick update. This little cub is so young, it doesn't even have teeth yet. It was way up in a tree, so I used the 400mm at f5.6 to blast away while Momma bear was on the ground immersed in thick fog.

It was a great trip with twenty Black Bear sightings, waterfalls, landscapes, and caves. The drive back to New York was well over 16 hours in torrential rain so I need a bit of time to decompress. Thanks to all of you who sent Tweets, Facebook, blog comments, and emails. Internet service in the mountains was poor, but thanks to the iPhone I was able to check things occasionally. I'm looking forward to sharing many more images from the Smokies over the next few days.