Waterfalls of the Great Smokies

The hike to Abrams Falls was a moderately difficult 5 mile trip. The trail was very beautiful with some unexpected wildlife spottings. My wife and I saw deer, a water snake, and four Pleated Woodpeckers.


Abrams Falls



Much of the road through the park follows alongside a river. I found this waterfall without having to do any hiking at all. The flow was much heavier than usual as a result of a fierce thunderstorm the previous night.
Unnamed Roadside Falls



Laurel Falls was only a 2.5 mile round trip hike. The path is paved so it's very popular for families with kids. After another heavy thunderstorm passed through, the trail was mostly empty, and I was able to spend some time there before the hordes of people returned.



Laurel Falls


Laurel Falls