The Magic of Yosemite

A few years back, Sue and I watched the sunset from "Glacier Point" in Yosemite National Park. At an elevation of 7,214 feet, you really get a birds eye view of the valley below and the peaks of the Sierra mountain range. A bear jam delayed us a bit, but thankfully we got to this spot just as the very last light of day was hitting the face of Half Dome. I worked quickly with a 2 stop grad ND filter, and a 17-40mm lens. Aperture was at f19, Shutter speed at 2 seconds, ISO 100. Within minutes of this exposure, the brilliant light was gone and we decided to wait for the stars to come out. While we rested there gazing into the huge California sky, I overheard a little girl quietly say to her father, "This place is magical." It reminded me of the great writer/explorer John Muir, who called Yosemite the "Incomparable Valley." Since then, we've visited many beautiful National Parks throughout North America, but the memories of Yosemite are some of our fondest.