Blown Shutter

My 40D has been repaired and returned from Canon. First, thanks to my free CPS membership, I received a 20% discount, and the turnaround time was incredibly fast. I shipped it to them on Friday, July 24th, and got it back six days later! I really appreciated their speedy service. There were a few things however, that were less than ideal. The repair report detailed that after only 22,760 clicks, my shutter assembly was loose and needed to be replaced. Granted, it's an electronic device, but I thought shutters were supposed to last at least 100,000 actuations. I called Canon to find out, and their support person said "There are no published numbers on how many actuations you will get out of the Canon 30/40/50D." He went on to say that the 5d series is expected to reach 150k, and the Mark III, 300k! So it appears that a blown shutter at 22k is well under what should be acceptable. Unfortunately it seems that there are many users with similar issues. I guess I should expect the same thing to happen to my other 40D sometime soon. The cost of the repair came to $210 which includes shipping both ways. While it was in for repair they also cleaned the sensor. Over the next few days I will do some testing to make sure everything is working properly. If you want to check how many actuations you have on your camera, here is a helpful tutorial.

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