Hope and the Volunteers for Wildlife

Over the past few weeks I've watched Sue hand feed, and care for Hope, a five month old female Virginia Opossum. Due to lead poisoning, and various other medical issues, Hope requires special attention. This is where the Volunteers for Wildlife make an impact. At their hospital facility, they provide medical care for wildlife who need help. Hope is just one of the many animals that they are treating. To learn more about how you can help to make a difference, please visit online at http://www.volunteersforwildlife.org/donate/

Special thanks to my wife Sue for her incredible narration skills. Also, many thanks to Kevin MacLeod for allowing me to use his music.

Tech details: Filmed with my new favorite pocket gadget, the Flip Video Ultra, and edited in iMovie. The sound was recorded with the Zoom H2 and edited in Garageband.

Thanks for watching.