Winter Skies, Jones Beach

 Not a good day to be outside!  In fact, it's even cold in my apartment as the heat struggles to counter the howling winds.  Jack Frost has surely reared his ugly head.  One good thing about winter, are the dramatic sunsets.  For this particular shot, I opted to silhouette the family, and used a 4 stop ND filter to further emphasize the sky.  The lens was at it's widest focal length, 17mm.  Fstop at f9 to get enough depth of field, and a fairly slow shutter of 1/8 to show a bit of motion in the waves.  ISO was at 100.  Of course the whole thing was done on a tripod to ensure that it would be sharp upon enlargement.

There is a trick to using a tripod the right way.  I call it "composing with your feet."  Too often I'll see a photographer arrive at a scene, plant the tripod in the ground, and shoot.  While I'm glad to see they are using a stable platform, they did not explore the compositional possibilities.  Before setting up the tripod, I recommend walking around the area and checking through your viewfinder along the way.  Chances are, you will find something that works better!  Once you have established this spot, then set up the tripod and make your exposures.