Talking Business on ABC

Yesterday, I was a call-in guest on ABC News Now in a segment called "Good Money" with Susan Solovic.  In the first portion, she discusses several elements of the new Small Business Jobs Act and how it will affect business owners in 2010 and beyond.  

From there, I talk a bit about my LLC using a variation of my "elevator pitch".  If you're not familiar with that term, allow me to explain.  The idea is to articulate the details about your business in the time it would take to ride a few elevator floors.  For example, if you meet a possible investor or client in an office building, you have approximately 30 seconds to capture their interest.  After this brief but thorough introduction, I ask a few tax related questions.  Her answers may provide some helpful info for your business as well.  You can watch the whole clip below.



For more small business tips, check out Susan's blog here.

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