My First Frost of the Season



Drove up to Harriman State Park this morning where it's about 10-15 degrees colder than the city. Upon arriving I immediately noticed an expansive frost covered field.  The delicate pink hue was created by the rising sun which was still hidden behind the distant mountains at my back.  Shot straight with no filters, just a wide angle lens and a tripod.  I used a small aperture for maximum depth of field and got down low for a different perspective.  The color of the trees really popped in contrast to the soft tones of the frost.  



The edges of the fallen leaves were also covered in frost.  I found a few that were isolated, and brought the tripod down to within a few inches from the ground.  To create maximum sharpness throughout, my aperture was at f22.  The morning was off to a great start, and we continued into the woods to follow a stream.  More to come...


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