Kramer Bridge, and the Woodchuck Below

Far beyond the hum of the highway, deep within the backroads of Pennsylvania's farm country, we found an old covered bridge nestled in the mountains. While it's official name is the Kramer Bridge, it really belongs to this Woodchuck. Eagle-eyed Sue spotted it after he poked his head out from the rocks below. It was a perfect habitat with great hiding places, camouflage, and a stream to drink from.  Access was limited, but I was able to capture this frame with a 400mm. Shortly after, a tractor in the distance startled it back into the rocks.



Since it was early afternoon, the sun was high in the sky and created some harsh contrast. Although this type of light isn't as dramatic as sunrise or sunset, you don't have to put your camera away. In fact, when the sun is directly overhead, it's a great time to use a polarizer to darken the skies and increase saturation. For the bridge photo, I rotated the filter until the desired effect was seen through the viewfinder. To create an interesting foreground, I got down low and included the wildflowers using my tripod for stability.



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