Swimming Upstream

I recently came across the amazing story of Lewis Pugh, who swam across a high altitude glacial lake just below Mount Everest.  He's using this platform to foster positive change for the environment.  While it's not an outright photography video, I believe there is much we can take away from this clip.  After Pugh's first failed attempt where he nearly drowned and froze to death, he quickly recognized the need to change his entire approach to swimming if he wanted to succeed, and survive. What worked during his first 30+ years of swimming would be of no use here.  In fact, the harder he kicked and thrashed, the faster he sank to the bottom.  This idea can certainly be applied to your photography business.     


On various photography forums, blogs, and websites, I've noticed a growing frustration with the state of the industry today.  They claim photojournalism is dead, and sports shooting will soon be next.  Some blame amateur photographers who charge too little, and undercut their business.  Others say it's the media, the internet, Photoshop, digital cameras, Facebook...you get the idea.  We live in a time where the business of photography is rapidly changing.  We can fight it and potentially sink like a stone, or use the challenge to create new opportunities.  


As you'll see in the video, it was only after Pugh embraced the need to change that he could succeed.  As photographers, we have the ability to make a difference through imagery, and awareness.  Of course there are many roadblocks, and obstacles to overcome, but as Pugh says, “there is nothing more powerful than the made-up mind”.   




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