Josh Groban on Good Morning America

Since his first record release, I've been enjoying Josh Groban's music.  When I heard he was playing at the Good Morning America (GMA) studios to promote his new album "Illuminations", I decided to head over and take some shots.  I wasn't covering the event as press, but rather as a fan.  Although access was limited, I was able to capture several nice frames.  I also met a bunch of friendly people who drove from over 4 hours away to see the performance.  Here's how I handled it photographically.




I knew access would be a problem, so I used my 70-200mm lens.  The first picture was taken through a small space between several adoring fans.  By using a wide aperture of f2.8 I was able to turn them into an unidentifiable blur.  The result is a nice little frame.



The studio was packed with people who were blocking my vantage point.  To get this shot, I hopped up on the ledge and leaned against the glass.  I zoomed all the way to 200mm, and used the fast burst mode of the Canon 40D. 



The lighting in the studio was poor, so I was forces to use a high ISO.  Also, the spotlights were changing colors from pink to blue, and yellow.  As such, I shot in Auto WB.  My camera settings were as follows.  1/250, f2.8, ISO 1000. 



 Here's the video of the performance.



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