Photoshop Help: Noise Reduction and Selective Sharpening

This is my 7th episode of Photoshop Help, and the first one available in HD quality! To fully appreciate the resolution, and see all of the detail, I strongly encourage you to change your settings to 720p HD and watch in full screen mode.  



While I liked the old format, only a limited amount of monthly bandwidth was available.  This new method will allow you to watch as many times as you'd like without overloading the system.  Since new episodes will now be hosted on YouTube, they'll be easier for you to share on Facebook, and other sites.  They will also play on mobile phones and iPads.  

In this video, I detail how to use Neat Image, a terrific noise reduction plug in for Mac and Windows.  From there, I show you how to selectively sharpen small portions of the photo using layer masks.  Thanks for watching.  I truly appreciate your support!



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