Report from the 2010 Photo Plus Expo


From my vantage point, the 2010 Photo Plus Expo was a success.  The place was absolutely packed with photographers from all over the world.  Meanwhile, BMX riders soared through the air as they pulled off major aerial stunts on the indoor ramp.  Fashion models posed under perfect lighting setups, and several well known photographers gave short lectures about their specialty.  Of course the main reason for the show is for vendors to exhibit their products.  These items ranged from inexpensive camera straps, to 800mm super telephoto lenses that come with their own mortgage payment.  I checked out over 200 interesting pieces of gear.  With so much to see, it's really easy to walk around in circles completely overwhelmed.  My goal was to find seven products I thought were interesting, and/or useful, and feature them in a short video for NYIP.  Perhaps there's something in it that you'll find helpful.  Thanks for watching!



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