Welcoming the First Day of Winter


December 21st, and winter has officially arrived.  We've recently had our first snowfall with accumulation, and it's getting a bit uncomfortable outdoors.  Nevertheless, for those willing to brave the cold, this beautiful season brings a variety of terrific photo opportunities.  Above, a Blue Jay rests on a snow covered downed tree at the Elizabeth A Morton Wildlife Refuge.  The absence of foliage provided a clear view of the bird.




Each winter, a variety of Seals also make their way to Long Island.  To learn more about them, check out the video Sue and I made above.


I'll also be on the lookout for the elusive Snowy Owl.  Our last sighting was in 2008, when I captured the image below.  Last year, none were reported in this area so I'm curious to see what happens over the next few months.   


I hope you have an opportunity to head outdoors with your camera this winter.  



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