Blizzard of 2010

After spending a wonderful Christmas with family and friends in south Jersey, we woke to the news of an impending blizzard.  As the first flakes fell, we headed north while the roads were still passable.  We arrived home safely just before the winds and accumulation picked up.  The storm had arrived and began to rattle our windows.  This continued through the night, and I woke to nearly two feet of snow.  The big dig began, and our very kind neighbor also helped out with his industrial strength snowblower.  After a few hours we had clear walkways, and sore shoulders.  I traded the shovel for my camera and trudged down the street to explore.   



The snow made for some beautiful scenes, like this charming little cottage.



Almost zero visibility thanks to the 50mph winds. 


Someone had the right idea.


Sue snapped an iPhone shot of me before venturing out.


Stay safe and warm!


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