Anger in the Aftermath of the 2010 Blizzard

The word on the streets is that the City's blizzard response has been dreadful.  Some complain that Manhattan receives preferential treatment while the other boroughs are slowly buried in unplowed snow.  Adding to the anger was this profanity laced video of city workers crushing an SUV.  After reading numerous tales of trapped commuters on icy cold subway cars, I opted to navigate the slushy streets on foot.  Here's what I found: 


Even with ice melt everywhere, the sidewalks are treacherous.  My advice, avoid manhole covers as they are extra slippery.


The sanitation department has their hands full with overflowing trash cans everywhere.


Despite the trash buildup, there are still beautiful scenes like this one in Bryant Park.



A dog with all four feet off the ground.




Bikes and cars are plowed in all over the city.




Store owners are doing their best to open their doors for business.


A peaceful scene in Bryant Park.


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