Use Gmail for Your Photography Business

If you like Gmail's simple interface, but want to use your own professional domain to send and receive email, you are in luck.

To give your company a professional appearance, you never want to email a client from a third party account.  For example, would you think your money was secure if your bank emailed you from The same idea applies to your photography company.  Instead of settling for, or, create an email address that stems from your domain name.  For example, if your website is, your email could be  

Here's how to set this up in less than 10 steps!

1) In Gmail, go to "Settings" then click "Accounts and Import".    


2) Under "Send Mail As", select "Send Mail from Another Address".


3) Enter the name and email address for the new account.

4) You will see an option to send the email with Gmail's servers or through your domain's server.  Choose the second option.  If you are not sure of your SMTP Server, Username, Password, and Port, you may want to call your domain provider as they will be able to assist with this.


After filling in the required data, hit "Add Account".  You will then be required to click one final link in a confirmation email.  That's all there is to it!


Forward All Email Accounts to Your Gmail

When someone emails you at you can have it automatically forwarded to your Gmail inbox.  This eliminates the need to check several email accounts, as it all gets consolidated into one convenient place.  To set this up, the process is similar to the above mentioned steps.  

1) Start by clicking “Settings” in Gmail, then click “Accounts and Import”.       

2) Next, click “Add POP3 email account”.


3) Then enter the email address of the account you wish to get mail from.


4) Finally, add the username, password, and POP Server information.  Again, you may need to contact your domain service for this info.  

I've been using this system for quite some time now and I can tell you it works quite well! 


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