Notes from the International Center of Photography

Anytime I visit a museum I take a little notepad, and jot down the names of artists that are new to me, or pieces that I want to study later.  I find that I get a lot more out of the exhibit this way.  Below are some of my notes from April 9th at the International Center of Photography.

Having recently read a book about Eugene Atget's work, I was curious to see it in person. The exhibition was curated by Christopher Phillips, and did not disappoint.  Atget (1857-1927) made approximately 10,000 glass plate negatives documenting the streets of "Old Paris".  Some were black and white, while others were more Sepia.  The upper corners are often darker from vignetting which makes for a fascinating effect against the light skies.  He also did a whole series on door knobs, and staircases.  A good number of the twenty six prints hanging at ICP are also featured online.  You can see them for yourself here;

In a room adjacent to the Atget prints, was an impressive selection of urban images by Andre Kertesz.  For an extensive look at his work, start here;

I was quite interested in the ideas behind Miroslav Tichy who made cameras out of cardboard and other crude materials as a "direct commentary on the modernist standards of progress".  In today's world of swirling megapixel marketing, I really appreciated this sentiment.  The prints that came out of these cameras were just unbelievable!  They were rich with texture, and enhanced by the imperfection and flaws which Tichy embraced.  Some of the lenses he used are pictured below.


 Here's one of Tichy's cameras

A gallery of some of his work can be viewed here.


I also checked out an abstract film directed by Salvador Dali, and Luis Bunuel.  It's called "Un Chien Andalou" (An Andalusian Dog), 1929.  Definitely something I would need to watch many, many times to really absorb it's depth.  Afterall, it is DALI.  You can watch the trailer below.



A few other prints I really enjoyed;

Claude Cahun - Untitled Self Portrait, 1929

Josef Breitenbach - Veiled Statue

Brassai - Foggy Night in Paris

Ilse Bing - Great Garbo Poster

My old school notepad.


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