It's Possible to be Productive in 30 Minutes

Here are some photos from a morning walk through Manhattan.  All were shot with one lens, the Canon 17-40mm, and a Canon 40D.  They were taken between 8:20am and 8:50am on April 13th.  Thanks Rachel Ray for showing us that you can make something good in just thirty minutes.  Seriously though, after seeing the "Atget" exhibit, I've been thinking about how the "Archivist of Paris" seemed to find the extraordinary in what would otherwise go unnoticed.  With a quick look it's easy to dismiss a scene as mundane, but upon closer inspection through the camera, and in a photo, it's an entirely different story.  The trick is to make the connection between the brain and the finger on your shutter.  If you see something that makes you feel any emotion, photograph it.  Upon review, you just may find a few pleasant surprises.  


 A man walks along East 43rd Street.


Natalie Merchant waits to perform at the Good Morning America studio in Times Square.


An empty resting area, you know, for Husbands.


A pigeon whisperer.


The police close off the street near Times Square.


A man catches a nap on the steps near 5th Avenue.

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