Make Yourself Heard

Each of us has our own unique artistic point of view.  Yet, as photographers, we too often get bunched up together at the same location, in the same spot, taking the same picture of the same sunset.  How does this communicate one's own individuality? I believe we all need to break out of this mold, and find our own voice.  By doing so, you will have something to share that is uniquely YOU.  Like this baby duck fighting to be heard, it's up to us to shout it out.  Below, I've listed ten ways in which you can share your vision.



1) Create a blurb book 

2) Make a yearly calendar with your 12 favorite photos 

3) Blog, twitter, facebook, website.  

4) Contact your local library or coffee shop about holding a photo exhibit.

5) Make gifts from your photos.  Besides framed prints, consider practical items like mugs, mousepads, holiday cards and magnets.

6) Check out to make some really cool slideshows set to royalty free music.

7) Get a table at a local craft fair and sell your photos, and products.  Don't forget to have business cards on hand.

8) Donate framed & matted prints to non profit organizations you are passionate about.

9) Contact local newspapers when you have new photos that depict life in your area. 

10) Pick up the 2010 Photographer's Market which has tons of contact information for magazine editors.


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