Everything's Happy Underground

The band Ben Folds Five wrote a great song in which the chorus defiantly calls out, "We can be happy underground!"  I find this bold statement to be true for photographers as well. 

Do we need 150,000 daily blog visitors to say "I've made it"?  How about 85,000 Twitter followers, or thousands of facebook friends?  Not really.  In fact, I'd question why any artist would want to become so mainstream.  I guess some could argue that it's a sign of success.  Perhaps others would say it's about the money.  I'm not discounting those ideas, but I'll counter with this...Why are you taking photos?  Is it for the love of capturing a moment?  Is it about creating something that expresses your unique point of view?  Or is it a way to further your reputation/status as a photographer? 

I want to create without boundaries. 

Enjoy the song!



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