It's funny how some pictures come together in a split second.  This one reminds me how important it is to  always have a camera ready.  I never want to say, "Oh, if only I had my camera, this would make a great picture." This philosophy was rewarded the other day while walking down 42nd street.  I noticed a shop window which was largely obscured by a black cloth.  There was a sign that said "Window under construction."  You could still see the mannequin heads and I took a few shots from a few different angles but didn't feel like I really nailed it yet. It was a busy morning, and I kept waiting for a break in the pedestrian traffic to get a clear view.  I tried a few more shots and was about to move on.  Just then, a bald man whose head was similiar to the mannequins and orbs walked by and I managed to squeeze off two frames before he walked out of the picture.  And just like that I had my shot.  To see a larger version of the photo, check the street gallery here


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