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Of all the new technology added to the next iPhone, perhaps the most exciting addition is the HD video camera and iMovie app.  For five bucks, this app will allow you to edit HD movies on the road with similar functionality to the desktop version!  Once you've completed your movie, you can upload it to the web at various sizes.  With this amazing functionality, I'm wondering if I'll ever need my Flip video again?  The still camera will have 5 megapixels and a flash.  Supposedly it will be available in late June.  In the meantime, here are some recent shots taken with now ancient iPhone 3G and it's 2 megapixel camera.


Escalator in New York City




The Metro in Washington DC


T-Rex in DC



Rainbow colored happy face created by the sun streaming in a window


For more technical specs of the iPhone 4, check here: http://gizmodo.com/5557101/iphone-4-the-definitive-guide


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